Jump & Go

Jump & Go

About Jump&Go

Jump&Go was a well-established brand in Asia with lots of experience working with influencers. However, breaking into US wasn't easy for them in 2019. After working with Musetown, however, things started to change!


How Musetown helped

From two campaigns, Enercamp received 22 applications, subscribers ranging from 2K to 1.1M. With Musetown analytics tools, they quickly identified the most relevant influencers and started to work with them.


Enercamp started small with a big goal in mind.


“Our goal is to drive traffic during Amazon Prime day. We know influencer marketing works well for our jumpstarter products from our experience in Asian market, but we do not know how to find and contact influencers in US when we launch our products in new market”



7 Videos were created and brought 325K+ views. The videos achieved an outstanding performance with average 7.4% engagement rate

325K+ views 7.4% Engagement rate

"Enercamp was able to get Amazon Choice badge and achieve 10x sales"

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