About Vodana

VODANA makes the most colorful and practical, easy-to-use hair irons. VODANA is a hair tool brand that has been making hair irons for more than 25 years and has been launching various hair irons including GlamWave Curling Iron that sold every minute, Soft Bar Flat Iron with our own patented technology, Triple Flow Hair Waver with embedded barrels! Not to mention its colors, sizes, and functions! I mean... we can rock your hair world

GlamWave offers Easy Salon Blowout with its technology and provide no heat damage to hair

How Musetown helped

Musetown helped VODANA to easily launch a successful campaign that could attract 88 influencers to apply with their unique content ideas.

Musetown analytics tools helped VODANA identify the most relevant ones that fits with its brand and create four amazing videos without wasting time.



VODANA was looking for YouTube creators who can try and review its product. Goal was to receive as many content ideas as possible so that they can collaborate for the content.

"VODANA is looking for contents creators like yourself to try out our curling iron, review it, and share your experience in your video. It'd be best if you are experienced with a curling iron, and able to make it look easy."



From the campaign, VODANA achieved CPV less than $0.02 and CPC less than $1 from four videos.

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