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Pricing: Influencer Marketing Campaign

Self Service

20% platform fee

of the payment made to influencers

You pay "Platform Fee" only when you succeed! We charge 20% platform fee only when you make a payment to the creators you selected for the content you approved!

Managed Service

30% managed service fee

of your campaign budget

Want the end-to-end support from a professional marketer? You pay 30% managed service fee on top of the budget for your campaign. We waive the 20% platform fee.

FeatureSelf ServiceManaged Service
post 20% platform fee
upfront 30% service fee
minimum commitment
$10,000(budget) + $3,000(fee)
Access to campaign tools
direct chat with influecers
Price Estmate
Dedicated manager support
Campaign ops
Custom report
direct support hotline

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Refund Policy

We allow refund of your campaign budget if you could not find any influencers you want to work with within 60 days after launching your campaign. The refund amount will be the campaign budget minus any transaction fee that might occur during the refund process.